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Used for manufacturing chassis for agricultural machinery. Slider length is 12 meters, single-axle position, carrying capacity of 1500 kg. Reverse suspension configuration for increased operating radius of the robot.
The systems used in the construction industry include welding of formwork, scaffolding, and accessories for scaffolding. In particular, welding of aluminum and steel can be performed.
This is considered a welding system for automotive equipment. Welding of dump trucks and tanks is possible. It is known as a portal column system. The length of the axes can vary depending on the size of the dump truck and tank.
This system is used for boiler welding of power transformers with a capacity of 25 MVA. The length of the system is 24 meters, and for robot access, the Y-axis is 7 meters, and the Z-axis is 5 meters. The system has a machine that arranges conducting sheets inside the transformer.